Truck Convoy Highlight - Gordon Jacobs

Gordon Jacobs

With the 14th Annual Truck Convoy for Special Olympics Saskatchewan only days away, we want to take this time to introduce you to some longtime supporters of the event! 

Get to know Gordon Jacobs, company owner-operator and truck driver from Saskatoon!

How long have you been participating in the Truck Convoy for Special Olympics?

"I participated for 11 years in the convoy from Saskatoon to Regina. I was an owner-operator for the first 6 years and a company driver for the last 5 years. Both companies supported me and Special Olympics in this event. The first company supplied me with a nice clean trailer and the second company supplied me with a truck and a Convoy banner. Both companies donated funds. I appreciated both."

Why do you participate in the Truck Convoy?

"It's an event that helps Special Olympics athletes compete and make friends around the world. I think Special Olympics athletes are the hardest working athletes and they have the most fun doing it. They compete hard and make friends easily. Great combination. It is a fun event that people of all ages can enjoy. It’s also great that people see truck drivers and companies as helping hands when needed."

What is a memory that stands out from participating in the Truck Convoy?

"For a couple of years, the truck Convoy was on the same day as a Saskatchewan Roughrider game. The trucks were running about 80 to 90 km in the right lane. Many football goers were slowed down for maybe 15 minutes but as they went past the convoy most people were blowing their horns and waving. Many people in small towns came out to the road to wave and show their support.  The most exciting moments were when we got to Regina and all the athletes and volunteers plus a busload of athletes from Saskatoon were cheering each truck coming into the yard. The BBQ and the truck pull at the end of the day was always a highlight and a fun way to end the event. Seeing the smiling faces of the athletes and volunteers and organizers. The police and peace officers that escorted the convoy from Saskatoon to Regina. These are the great memories I will never forget. "

Why do you think other truck drivers and companies should get involved in the Truck Convoy?

"I believe truck drivers and trucking companies should be involved with the Special Olympics convoy because it is one event that highlights the importance and friendliness of the trucking community."

Thank you Gord, for your support of the Truck Convoy for all these years! With your help, we are able to deliver year-round, world-class sport programs to people with intellectual disabilities daily in our communities across Saskatchewan!