Athlete Leadership Program Training in Melfort!

ALP Melfort

Special Olympics Saskatchewan athletes came together from across the province for some fun and learning! We had a great time this past weekend learning about Social Media and Media, and Athlete Speaker training at the Athlete Leadership Program in Melfort. 

The Social Media and Media training was facilitated by Egi Ahmad. Athletes had the opportunity to learn about what social media is, how to use it safely, and how to represent themselves online. The 1 day course was packed full of conversations and stories, laughs, and growth! Victoria Lacelle and Bre Eberle co-facilitated Athlete Speaker training. The athletes had the opportunity to create and present their speech over the course of 2 days! The athletes are more than ready to share their stories with their communities and with the world. 

In total, we had a fantastic group of 6 athletes and their mentors attend. In both groups, there was lots of really great discussions and sharing of stories and experiences. All athletes had time to practice what they were learning, and apply it as well. Have you ever wondered how to take a great photo for social media? These athletes know what to do! Many skills were refined, and creativity was sparked as the athletes worked on and refined their speeches! We look forward to seeing how the athletes apply what they learned in their training going forward. 

If you are interested in future Athlete Leadership Program opportunities, please contact Victoria Lacelle at 306-780-9406 or .


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