2022 Canada Summer Games Athlete Applications


We are looking for any SOS swimming or athletics athletes interested in competing at the 2022 Canada Summer Games in Niagara, Ontario. If you are looking for the next step on your journey as an athlete this opportunity is for you! We will have two small teams attend the 2022 Canada Summer Games. First up is our swimming team from August 5th to 14th 2022. They will be followed by our athletics team from August 14th to 22nd, 2022. If you are interested in either competition, complete the application form by September 1st, 2021. If you completed this application last summer please do not complete it again. If you have any questions please contact Ben Lozinsky at blozinsky@specialolympics.sk.ca or 306-780-9423.


Athlete Applications:

Athletics application link - https://forms.gle/p46aBkc39JX8fZGTA

Swimming application link - https://forms.gle/tNt2Bv7Kvgkh8GAaA