Resources for coaches and officials

Special Olympics International has a series of sport-specific resources for coaches. They can be found here

Special Olympics Canada has put together a series of videos to assist coaches in teaching the basics of Floor Hockey. Please see the links to the videos below:

Fundamental Motor Skills for Adults

Special Olympics Canada has developed resources and programs such as Active Start and FUNdamentals for young children to promote overall physical literacy and develop the foundation of skills needed for participation in sports and lifelong physical activity. While these programs have successfully targeted youth, it is clear that some participants need more time to fully develop their skills. Furthermore, Special Olympics athletes often enter the system at multiple entry points (i.e. an adult can join Special Olympics at the age of 25 for the first time), and sometimes these individuals would benefit from additional programming on the development of fundamental motor skills; and yet it is not appropriate for them to join an Active Start or FUNdamentals program with young athletes.

The purpose of this guide is to create a resource that can be used as a stand-alone program to teach fundamental motor skills to adults with an intellectual disability. This resource can also be used to build on existing practices for coaches in all Special Olympics sports programs to continue refining the fundamental motor skills of their athletes. For example, a soccer coach might use some of the activities related to dodging (changing direction), or a basketball coach might use some of the activities related to eye-hand coordination. These activities are not meant to replace sport specific drills, but to highlight or supplement a regular practice. Alternatively, this resource could provide the entire curriculum for a group that needs more time to develop movement proficiency.


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