Special Olympics Ontario athletes Peter Snider and Eddie Nicks reflect on inspiring Black athletes for Black History Month

For Black History Month, we are celebrating Special Olympics’ Black athletes, volunteers and supporters who fight for inclusion every day on and off the field.

Peter Snider, Special Olympics Ontario, athletics

For #BlackHistoryMonth, Special Olympics Ontario’s Peter Snider reflects on the athletes before him who lead the way.

“Jackie Robinson was one of my favourite sport stories – and the movie about him, 42. He was the first Man of Colour to play baseball. It’s inspiring. Back in those days, it’s like they were scared of People of Colour. But over the years, Black people and People of Colour started to dominate in all sports: baseball, basketball, soccer, track and field… just look at the Olympics finals in the men’s and women’s 100-metre and 200-metre!”

Thank you, Peter!


Eddie Nicks, Special Olympics Ontario, soccer

We asked Eddie Nicks, Special Olympics Team Canada 2019 soccer player – and bronze medalist – to reflect on #BlackHistoryMonth and the importance of diversity.

Q. Is there a Black athlete who inspires you?

A. The person that inspired me growing up is Michael Jordan, because of his leadership with his team the Chicago Bulls – his amazing work ethic in practice, his game performance, and his team player skills. He has incredible determination, a passion for the game, he motivates and pushes his team to be successful. He’s an incredible role model.

Q. Why is diversity and inclusion important in sport – and in life?

A. Diversity should be important because people around the world deserve to be treated with respect and included – no one should ever be discriminated against. Everybody around the world deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Thank you, Eddie!