Special Olympics Canada Announces Leadership Team for Special Olympics Team Canada 2025 at the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Torino, Italy

December 8, 2023

Special Olympics Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Charity Sheehan as Chef de Mission and Juli Prokopchuk Brattan as Assistant Chef de Mission for Special Olympics Team Canada 2025. This dynamic duo previously served as Chef de Mission and Assistant Chef, respectively, for the Special Olympics Team Canada 2022.

Despite the unprecedented obstacles posed by the global pandemic and geopolitical uncertainties that ultimately led to the cancellation of the Special Olympics World Games in 2022, Sheehan and Prokopchuk Brattan exhibited unparalleled leadership while navigating the unique and challenging circumstances.

Special Olympics Canada expresses great confidence in Sheehan and Prokopchuk Brattan's ability to lead Special Olympics Team Canada 2025 with strength, dedication and a commitment to providing a positive and supported experience for the athletes and coaches. Their demonstrated resilience and unwavering commitment to the Special Olympics movement make them ideal leaders for the Canadian delegation.

"It's an honour to lead Special Olympics Team Canada once again. While the circumstances of 2022 were beyond our control, we are incredibly proud of what our team accomplished. We are eager to bring the same passion, dedication and positive energy to Torino in 2025,” shared Charity Sheehan, Chef de Mission. “Our goal is to create an empowering and inclusive environment for our team – where we foster a collective spirit, shape a culture of resilience and champion the unwavering commitment of our athletes as they showcase their abilities on the world stage."

Juli Prokopchuk Brattan, appointed as Assistant Chef de Mission, added, "The journey with Special Olympics Team Canada has been incredibly rewarding, despite the challenges. We have learned, grown and formed a strong partnership as Chef and Assistant Chef. As we look ahead to Torino 2025, we are excited to continue this journey and provide our athletes with the support they need to shine."

Special Olympics Canada is confident that Sheehan and Prokopchuk Brattan will continue to be exemplary leaders, representing the values of inclusivity, determination and sportsmanship that define our global Special Olympics movement.