Special Olympics Athlete Leaders are building confidence for life

Athlete Leaders hold up certificates.
Athlete Leaders hold up certificates.

The Athlete Leadership Program (ALP) instills confidence in Special Olympics athletes to further their voice in all aspects of their lives, allowing them to become advocates for themselves and the movement on a broader scale. 

Special Olympics Canada’s ALP has seen tremendous growth since its inception, as athletes strive to seek new challenges and push themselves beyond the realm of sport.

The program offers courses to athletes like athlete speaker training, governance training, social media and media training and peer mentorship. 

Athletes who participate in ALP are properly trained and equipped to speak persuasively and comfortably, share their stories and speak on behalf of themselves and their peers.

“[The Athlete Leadership Program] is really good because it’ll help us get more voice from the athletes, which in turn will help us shape our programs to benefit the athletes better.” – Jake Hooper, Special Olympics British Columbia

Athlete leader Tess Trojan speaks at a podium
Athlete Leader Tess Trojan speaks at an event.

In 2016, Special Olympics Canada created the Canadian Athlete Leadership Council that consists of representatives from almost every participating Special Olympics provincial/territorial chapter.

This council is designed to provide athlete representation at the National level, so their voices are heard on what matters to them, while promoting the ALP within Special Olympics Canada. 

Special Olympics Canada is proud to provide programming beyond sport.

We want to ensure we continue to enrich the lives of individuals with an intellectual disability, allowing them to live healthier, more fulfilled lives. 

Your support provides the opportunity for athletes across Canada to develop these important leadership skills.

“This Program has helped our Athletes and myself gain confidence and skills that allow us to reach a whole new level of inspiration in sport and personal growth.”  - Julie Thorpe, Athlete Mentor, Special Olympics Yukon