Apply for a Special Olympics Canada Research Grant

Two male athletes smile looking into the camera in front of a basketball court

Special Olympics Canada is accepting applications for research grants!

The organization is looking for Special Olympics-oriented research proposals that promote and support research activities that enhance athlete development, performance, coaching and other areas identified in the Strategic Plan. 

During the review process of the application the burden on the Special Olympics community will be considered within and across project deliverables and process. Special Olympics Canada will support a range of projects/activities that use different methodological approaches that do not involve interview and surveys (eg. Observational research, document analysis, systemic and scoping reviews, secondary analysis of pre existing data and using publicly available administrative data). In addition Special Olympics Canada would support projects focused on knowledge mobilization and making research more available and useable for our stakeholders

Applicants may request up to $25,000 in research funding. The deadline to apply is February 22, 2023.

Please read the research funding guidelines document below for full details on how to apply.

2022 Research Funding Guidelines