Do you know what you do each time you make a gift to Special Olympics Canada?

You’re supporting Special Olympics financially, of course. And without that support our mission and shared vision of a better quality of life for Canadians of all ages living with IDD and their families, doesn’t happen. 

But even more important - every time you donate, you’re letting Special Olympics athletes know what it’s like to be included.

To be accepted. 

To be celebrated and supported. 

I know this firsthand – because I’m a Special Olympics dad. 

Hi, I’m Kevin Greely and I am going to tell you about two very, very special hockey players. 

My stepson’s name is Andrew Hynes. Known to his teammates as “Spiderman.” 

When Andrew was ten years old, his guidance counsellor saw how interested he was in sports and told my wife about the Special Olympics program. She was so impressed that she enrolled Andrew immediately.

Special Olympics changed all our lives.

The community there became like an extended family. It gives us the ability to give Andrew all the same chances as any child born with the extra chromosome. He gets to travel, compete, learn, laugh, and celebrate. We parents get to do the same. And experience all those proud – and anxious! – moments.

One summer, Andrew travelled to St. John’s to compete in the Special Olympics Canada Summer Games. That’s when he met another athlete named Lyle. We realized they both have William’s Syndrome, and it drew them together.

The two boys became such close teammates and friends that recently, Lyle ended up moving in with us and becoming our newest family member. And we couldn’t be more delighted.

Now Lyle “Goose Lightning” Woodrow and “Spiderman” are seasoned athletes. They’ve competed in floor hockey, track and field and soccer. And they’ve created their own workout videos which you can find on YouTube!

A big, supportive, amazing family

Andrew and Lyle have made incredible memories through Special Olympics. I know for Andrew one of his favorite memories was participating in the Torch Run in Berlin in 2023. He was one of only eight athletes to be selected to carry the torch! 

And Lyle’s favorite memories are winning his first gold medal and winning a gold medal which he dedicated to his support worker who passed away. That medal is so important to him.

Most of all, if you ask Lyle and Andrew what makes Special Olympics so important to them – they’ll tell you about their pride in representing their province. They’ll tell you about the feeling of being part of a team, and how proud they are to wear their uniforms. 

And they’ll tell you about their second family – a “big, supportive, amazing family” that carries them through everything.

Your donations help fund team uniforms, facility rentals, coach and volunteer training, and competitions. They also help pay for awareness campaigns and education – so that we can make sure that anyone in Canada who could benefit from Special Olympics has a chance to join our team.

You can be part of this team.
This family.

With appreciation, 

Kevin Greeley 
Proud Special Olympics Dad 

P.S. Monthly giving is another great way to support Special Olympics Canada. Just a modest amount each month – such as $15/month or $20/month really adds up over the year to offer consistent, reliable support to our athletes. 

Whichever way you give, though, please know what a great difference you are making. 

Thank you.