2022 SOBC Super Summer Series Hosting Resources

Are you hosting a summer-sport competition in 2022? Here's everything you need to run your quality competition!

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Special Olympics BC's Communicable Disease Prevention Plan and safety protocols apply to all SOBC programs and events. 

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Please note: If you expect your competition will involve more than 100 people, please include that information in your sanctioning forms, and share how you plan to manage that safely.

Please note: Please tell spectators and coaches that any spectators who would like to attend must check with their local coaches before coming to an event. Competition organizers should keep coaches up to date on whether there will be any capacity restrictions, and share information on safety requirements at the facility; coaches can then relay that to local supporters.

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Please reach out to Special Olympics BC provincial staff anytime! We are so grateful for your efforts and here to help make your event a quality experience for all!


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