Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach Resources

SOBC rhythmic gymnastics

The BC Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation has an amazing treasure trove of resources for Special Olympics coaches and judges, including downloadable video files and music for the routines - please click here to access.

If you need support in downloading files please contact Jean Tetarenko, SOBC Sport Coordinator at jtetarenko@specialolympics.bc.ca or 250-883-2452.

SOC Sport Rules

For information on 2016-2023 routines and rules please click here.

Basic Skill Acquisition

Please click here

Sport Skills Book

Please click here


Please click here to find rhythmic gymnastics competitions in the SOBC event calendar.

Event Planning Guide - Rhythmic Gymnastics Supplement

Please click here for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Event Planning Supplement.

For the full SOBC Sport Event Planning Guide, please visit the Coaching Tools page.

SOBC Sanctioning Document - Rhythmic Gymnastics Supplement

Please click here for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Sanctioning Supplement

For the full SOBC Sanctioning Document and appendices, please visit the Coaching Tools page.


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