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SOBC rhythmic gymnastics

SOC Sport Rules

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Special Olympics routines 2023-2031

Find videos, music files, and judging forms

If you need support in downloading files, please contact competition@specialolympics.bc.ca.

Basic Skill Acquisition

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Sport Skills Book

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Please click here to find rhythmic gymnastics competitions in the SOBC event calendar.

Event Planning Guide - Rhythmic Gymnastics Supplement

Please click here for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Event Planning Supplement.

For the full SOBC Sport Event Planning Guide, please visit the Hosting a Competition page.

SOBC Sanctioning Document - Rhythmic Gymnastics Supplement

Please click here for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Sanctioning Supplement

For the full SOBC Sanctioning Document and appendices, please visit the Hosting a Competition page.


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