Functional Testing

Functional testing involves exercises that measure fitness and foundational movements. These sessions are used to test an athlete’s fitness level, and to motivate and guide his or her training. Functional testing is important as it provides feedback to coaches regarding the program’s effectiveness and shows the personal progress of each athlete. Functional testing should have an emphasis on the proper form of exercises. This will be a good time to identify and correct any improper technique and ensure that athletes are moving forward and reducing possible injury from improper form. Coaches should share progress with the athletes to help them to set goals and track their progress, increasing their motivation and confidence.

The testing protocol is easy to administer and requires minimal equipment. It is important that all coaches use the same methods for testing and recording. This will ensure reliability and maintain integrity throughout the province. Testing should take place every 3-4 months and take approximately an hour and a half (depending on format and number of volunteers).

Please check out the below videos and PDFs that depict the proper form and evaluation criteria for each test.

Corrective exercises are assigned to athletes based on their test results. Working on these exercises will help athletes improve their stability and form, which helps improve overall sport performance and health.

Please click here to find videos and related PDF descriptions depicting the corrective exercises prescribed at functional testing. 

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Functional testing stations

For best results, these tests should be performed in an order that allows proper rest periods before testing the same muscle group again.




Stork stand test


Seated trunk rotation test


Shoulder mobility test


Pushup test


Plank test


Sprint test


Squat test


Lunge test


Hurdle step test


Hip flexor test


Hamstring flexibility test


Broad jump and triple broad jump test


Ball toss test


Four point opposite arm and leg raise test


Agility test


Vertical jump test


Wall sit test


Height, weight, posture


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