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SOC Sport Rules

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SOBC exceptions to the SOC Sport Rules

Please note that these rule exceptions only apply to Local, Regional, and where noted, Provincial Games. Athletes and coaches must be aware that all competitions outside of the above would be governed by SOC rules and the rules of that Sportā€™s Governing Body.

  1. An athlete may participate in the 50 metre running event only at Local and Regional track and field meets. This is a developmental event only and athletes capable of distances longer than 50 metres do not require this event.

Basic Skills Acquisition

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Sport Skills Book

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Event Planning Guide - Athletics Supplement

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For the full SOBC Sport Event Planning Guide, please visit the Hosting a Competition page.

SOBC Sanctioning Document - Athletics Supplement

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For the full SOBC Sanctioning Document and appendices, please visitĀ the Hosting a Competition page.

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