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SOBC exceptions to the SOC rules

Please note that these rule exceptions only apply to Local, Regional and where noted, Provincial Games. Athletes and Coaches must be aware that all competitions outside of the above will be governed by SOC rules and the rules of that Sport's Governing Body.

  1. A regulation game shall consist of a reaching a winning score as follows: 16 pts for 4 player team, 12 pts for 2 player team, 12 pts for individual person competition or if a game reaches 1 hour in length.
  2. One (1) three (3) minute break will be given throughout the game,
  3. Scorekeepers must have coaches sign score sheets at the end of each game in a tournament.   The director of the tournament play will oversee all officials, timekeepers and scorekeepers at the competition.  This will ensure that both teams agree upon score before the score is made final. Once the score sheet is signed a protest cannot proceed. 
  4. Due to the lack of bocce facilities with boards, the facility requirements at a Regional or Provincial Levels may not include a playing service that has boards designed to keep the ball in play. If the ball goes out of bounds it is considered a dead ball.

Basic Skill Acquisition

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SOBC Sanctioning Document - Bocce

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For the full SOBC Sanctioning Document and appendices, please visit the Hosting a Competition page.


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