Saturday May 23rd

Endurance & Balance

Thanks to Fit 5 from Special Olympics Canada for the content on keeping athletes active while at home. 

Today's workout will be working on Endurance & Balance! Feel free to share your photos or videos of yourself doing this workout to our Facebook or Instagram page, or email it to Abby,, and we will post it. Good luck and have fun! 


Repeat 2 times, rest 10 seconds in between

  1. 20 seconds march on the spot
  2. 20 seconds arm swings
  3. 20 seconds trunk rotations


20 seconds on- 10 seconds rest, do the list and rest for a minute. Start at the top and do all the endurance exercises 3 times! 



Leg Swings- how many on each leg can you get? Is one leg easier to balance on than the other? Try to push yourself to do as MANY as you can! 



We hope you enjoyed the workout! Come back on Tuesday for the next one!