Saturday June 20th

Endurance &Balance 

It's the WEEKEND! 

Don't forget to share your photos or videos of yourself doing this workout to our Facebook or Instagram page, or email it to Abby,, and we will post it. Good luck and have fun! 

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40 seconds arm circles

30 seconds jog on spot

20 seconds high knees

10 seconds squatting

10 seconds rest 

30 seconds jumping jacks (alternative is to step out)

40 seconds trunk rotations


All quantities are for each leg or side: 

3x 20 step ups 

3x 20 mountain climbers

3x5 side to side bounding (or stepping) 


3x 5-10 burpees


3x10 leg swings

3x20 steps walking on a line 

Hope you enjoyed the workout! Come back on Tuesday for another!