Our Mission

Building the future of Special Olympics in our province
Athlete Running

Our Mission

Special Olympics Newfoundland & Labrador is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with an intellectual disability through active participation in sport.

Special Olympics NL is able to provide quality sport programs to our athletes because of the commitment and dedication of our volunteers and coaches who give countless hours every week to Special Olympics.

Guiding Principles to support our Mission Statement

  • Special Olympics provides direct sport opportunities for athletes with an intellectual disability
  • The athlete is all-important in Special Olympics.  It is critical that coaches, parents and caregivers provide athletes with an intellectual disability every opportunity to reach their highest level of athletic achievement
  • Special Olympics is a sports program.  Sport involves matching the strength, endurance and physical skills in formalized settings with structured rules and determined outcomes
  • Training and preparation are essential to meaningful participation in sport, and are an indispensable element of any Special Olympics program
  • Special Olympics supports and promotes a fair and safe environment for both athletes and coaches
  • The practice of divisioning athletes for competition, based on their abilities, is fundamental to the Special Olympics program.  This practice ensures that athletes experience an equitable competition

"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."  - Athlete's Oath