SOBC Athlete Input Council

Providing important athlete insights on Special Olympics ideas and issues!
Athletes smiling in a conference room
SOBC's Athlete Input Council at an April 2022 meeting!

Matthew Williams
AIC Chairman
SOBC ‚Äď Langley athlete
Learn more about Matthew

Kendall Salanski
Region 1 representative
SOBC ‚Äď Kimberley/Cranbrook athlete

Chris Harrington
Region 2 representative
SOBC ‚Äď Kelowna athlete

Susan Wang
Region 3 representative
Member of the Canadian Athlete Leadership Council & Special Olympics Canada Board of Directors
SOBC ‚Äď Surrey athlete

Vincent Li
Region 4 representative
SOBC ‚Äď Richmond athlete

Mathew Schmiing
Region 5 representative
SOBC ‚Äď Vancouver athlete

Ashley Adie
Region 6 Representative
SOBC ‚Äď Campbell River¬†athlete
Learn more about Ashley

Torben Schuffert
Region 7 representative
SOBC ‚Äď Smithers athlete
Learn more about Torben

Marinka VanHage
Region 8 representative
SOBC ‚Äď Prince George athlete

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About the SOBC Athlete Input Council

The SOBC Athlete Input Council advises SOBC on important ideas and issues. They gather and share feedback from fellow athletes.

The SOBC Athlete Input Council has athlete representatives from each Region around the province, serving two- or three-year terms (staggered to ensure continuity for the council). The council members all have Athlete Leadership experience from previous courses and roles.

All members of the SOBC community are welcome to contact their respective Regional representatives to share their suggestions and ask for Athlete Input Council feedback and leadership on Special Olympics initiatives and ideas!

The SOBC Athlete Input Council meets virtually five to six times a year.

This is the provincial Athlete Input Council. Locals and Regions can have their own Athlete Input Councils as well. SOBC provides Athlete Input Council training to interested athletes. Please contact SOBC's Chelsea Tambellini to learn more!


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