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SOC Sport Rules

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SOBC exceptions to the SOC rules

Exceptions to the SOC rules: please note that these rule exceptions only apply to Local, Regional and where noted, Provincial Games. Athletes and Coaches must be aware that all competitions outside of the above would be governed by SOC rules and the rules of that Sport’s Governing Body.

  1. The minimum number of athletes at local and regional competitions and for a team going to Provincial Games is thirteen (13).
  2. In tournaments that have 4 divisions,  D level coaches will be allowed to play athletes in one position only such as defence or forward. This may result in players having more than 1 shift change difference. At the D level, athletes often have difficulty understanding and learning more than 1 position. This would help to develop the athletes self confidence in their ability and therefore allow for a successful sport experience.
  3. Scorekeepers must have coaches sign score sheets at the end of the tournament. The director of  tournament play will oversee all referees, timekeepers and scorekeepers at the competition. This will ensure that scores are agreed upon by both teams before the score is made final. Once the score sheet is signed a protest CANNOT proceed.
  4. Where a divisioning round is necessary, a coaches meeting will be held after the teams are divisioned. This will give coaches some input as to where and why their team should be seeded in which division. If the head coach is not satisfied with where his/her team is divisioned he/she may appeal the decision in  writing within 5 minutes of the divisioning being posted. The divisioning committee will consider the appeal. Upon a decision, all head coaches will be notified by the divisioning committee of any changes that have been made. Only one appeal per team is allowed. Once the first set of appeals have been heard, the decision from the divisioning committee will be final.

Basic Skills Acquisition

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Individual Skills Competition

Individual skills competitions are designed to provide athletes of lower ability and/or multiple disabilities who have not yet developed the skills to participate in traditional Special Olympics competition with a competitive opportunity aimed at providing meaningful rewarding competition. To receive the full Individual Skills Competition Guide and floor hockey section, please contact competition@specialolympics.bc.ca.

Event Planning Guide - Floor Hockey Supplement

To receive the Floor Hockey Event Planning Supplement, please contact competition@specialolympics.bc.ca.

For the full SOBC Sport Event Planning Guide, please visit the Hosting a Competition page.

SOBC Competition Sanctioning - Floor Hockey Supplement

Please click here for the SOBC criteria for sanctioning floor hockey competitions. (updated Nov 2021)

For the full SOBC Sanctioning Document and appendices, please visit the Hosting a Competition page.


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