Event Starts:
at 8:00AM
Event Ends:
at 3:00PM
Murphy's Community Centre
  • 5 Pin Bowling
  • Provincial/Territorial Qualifiers

5-Pin Bowling Provincials

5-Pin Bowling Provincials - Final Details



It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to arrange transportation to the sport venue and UPEI unless other arrangements have been made. Most teams are carpooling. Please contact Genna to pre-approve mileage claims.


Registration Fee

The fee for the tournament is $45.00 per person for those not staying overnight. Those staying overnight, the costs are $70.00 per person for 1 night or $100.00 per person for 2 nights. Please pay this fee prior to the tournament if you can. We will be taking money at the tournament for those who have not paid.



The following meals will be covered by your registration fee.


Saturday: Breakfast – At UPEI for those who stay overnight only!

Lunch - Sandwich, Granola Bar, Fruit, Juice, Water

Supper – At UPEI Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall starting at 6:30PM

*Athletes, coaches, volunteers, and caregivers are advised that door for dinner will not be open until 6:30pm.


Please note: Parents and Caregivers who are NOT volunteering with the tournament will NOT be covered for the

meal Saturday night. Pre-registration is now CLOSED as we are at capacity for the meal.


Sunday: Breakfast - At UPEI for those who stay overnight only!

Lunch - Sandwich, Granola Bar, Fruit, Juice, Water



Those staying overnight, we will be staying at UPEI, located off University Avenue. Coaches will have further details in their packages on rooming lists. Please be advised that UPEI’s dining hall is TRAYLESS. They do not have any so if this is something you need you may want to bring them with you for the weekend.



Dance will take place on Saturday at UPEI in the Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall, starting at 7:30pm.


Schedules and Teams

The tournament will take place at the Murphy Recreation Center, located at 200 Richmond St. in Charlottetown.

Please see the information below for your teams start time and schedule.

Teams and Volunteers are asked to be at the Bowling Lanes 15 minutes prior to their first game. First game begins at 9:30am on Saturday and 9:00am on Sunday.


Please be advised: Outdoor Footwear will NOT be permitted past the steps into the lane area. All volunteers and athletes will need to be wearing bowling shoes in this area. In addition, only registered volunteers and registered athletes are allowed in the player area. Spectators and family members are asked to stay in the viewing area.


Healthy Athletes

We are excited to be offering Healthy Athletes again on Saturday, May 27th! Between game times athletes are welcome to head upstairs to the gymnasium to go through different screenings that are being offered free of charge. There are two different screenings being offered; Opening Eyes and Strong Minds Strong Bodies. We do ask that athletes not forget to come back down to play their games. Our volunteers downstairs will not be going upstairs looking for bowlers.



If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Genna at 902-368-8919, toll free at 1-800-287-1196 or via e-mail at sport@sopei.com.