Darren Inouye, Staff

Darren Inouye, Staff
Inouye (Staff)

Sport: Swimming

Province: British Columbia

Hometown: Vancouver 


Darren is from Vancouver, BC and has been involved with Special Olympics for 17 years. He attended the 2017 World Games in Austria and says attending World Games means being a part of a journey where friendships and memories to last a lifetime are built. World Games is also significant to Darren as a proud Canadian. He is extremely excited to wear the Maple Leaf and be an exceptional example of the remarkable people who call Canada home. Darren goes on to say that Special Olympics is an opportunity to contribute to a movement that fosters values he hopes to see increase within our society and around the world. His goals for the 2019 World Games are that everyone on the team have first class opportunities and support in their training and coaching.  Another important goal is that everyone on the aquatics team share each other’s successes and have a remarkable games experience.