Team Sask Training Camp

Training Camp

Team Sask 2018 attended their first training camp on October 27-28, 2017 in Regina. The weekend was the first time all 64 athletes, coaches and mission staff came together as one to create Team Sask 2018. The weekend was a great way to bond, train and prepare for their journey to Nationals in 2018.

The weekend started off with some icebreakers - and no one was off the hook. Every member of Team Sask participated including coaches and mission staff! The provincial team athletes from Saskatchewan have the opportunity to participate in a research study by NeuroFitness Wellness Center, in conjunction with the Applied Cognisens Research Center. The purpose of the research is to investigate whether training on a specific tool (NeuroTracker) and a specific skill of the brain (Multiple Objects Tracking – MOT) leads to improved cognitive performance according to both objective and subjective measures. Athletes who have agreed to be a part of this study spent some time working with NeuroFitness Friday evening. Wrapping up Friday, team meetings were held and everyone had the opportunity to get to know their teammates better.

What would a training camp be without training? Saturday was a full day as thletes took part in mental training and strength & conditioning. Team Sask athletes agree that being ready to compete means more than physical training and focus also on their nutrition leading to the games. Nutrition sessions were added before every break throughout the weekend. Fitness testing was completed by our athletes in the afternoon. The athletes participated in agility testing, flexibility tests, strength endurance tests, balance tests and speed and acceleration tests just to name a few.  The athletes worked hard to do their best and strived for excellence.

Athletes were able to relax a bit more on Sunday as uniform sizing was completed, individual pictures were taken, and neuro fitness testing took place. Another team building activity finished off the weekend before athletes departed. The weekend was jam-packed with lots of information and training and we know the athletes will take it home with them and continue to prepare for the games next year! 

A huge thank you to our coaches, mission staff, Neuro Fitness Center, and Special Olympics staff Egi and Ben for all your hard work to make this weekend a huge success and to the Knights of Columbus for making our athletes nutritious and delicious meals.