Glenn Cundari



PROVINCE:  Ontario

How long have you been involved with Special Olympics?

7 years

How is your life different since joining Special Olympics?

This is a very meaningful part of my, and our family's life. I never take for granted the privilege I have to work with athletes.

What do you like most about the sport you will be competing in at Special Olympics World Summer Games Berlin 2023?

I love how golf provides such a strong platform for explicitly supporting life skills development in training and competition.

What is your proudest moment with Special Olympics?

A particular moment observing one of our athletes play her very best at the 2019 World Games - she couldn't believe how well she played, and both of us were in tears!

What does Special Olympics and attending World Games mean to you?

Joy. Challenge. Love. Performance.

What is your goal for Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023?

My goal is to have the best-prepared golf athletes, leading to the Games. Regardless of their performance, I want our athletes to report that the event was joyful and the hard work they invested was worth the effort.