Remembering George Reed - A True Legend On and Off the Playing Field

George Reed

Saskatchewan Roughrider Alumni George Reed passed away yesterday and our hearts go out to his family and friends.

George Reed was not only a Champion of Special Olympics Saskatchewan, but also a dear friend of ours. He has dedicated years of volunteerism and financial support to Special Olympics Saskatchewan through his work at the George Reed Foundation. Today would have been his 84th birthday!

“George was an integral part of Special Olympics Saskatchewan. His generosity of time and caring is an everlasting gift. George’s respect for all athletes, and vision of inclusion, were integral in the creation of Special Olympics in Saskatchewan. Everyone in Saskatchewan, whether they know it or not, is benefiting from the legacy that he created.” - CEO Faye Matt

In 1975, Reed established the George Reed Foundation and spent nearly 50 years giving back. To continue his remarkable legacy, the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation and George Reed Foundation joined together to create the George Reed Legacy Fund, continuing his lifelong dedication to making a difference.

George was truly one of our greatest supporters. In lieu of flowers, members of Rider Nation and anyone inspired by George Reed and his legacy are able to make a donation in his memory to the George Reed Legacy Fund. Visit the link below to learn more about George Reed and to donate:

George Reed Legacy Fund

George - you will be missed 💚