Meet a Sponsor: Newmont

SOBC young athlete smiling holding a ribbon

Over their many years as a valued Special Olympics BC sponsor, Newmont has played a critical role in expanding our opportunities for athletes with intellectual disabilities of all ages across the province. 

In 2010, Newmont made a huge difference for SOBC by launching a gift of $1 million over four years, which significantly expanded Special Olympics BC’s life-changing youth programs. In 2014, the company initiated a second $1-million four-year commitment to continue providing empowering opportunities for Special Olympics athletes across the province.

“Newmont is a deserving member of Special Olympics BC’s Hall of Fame. They genuinely seek to make a lasting difference in the communities where they have operations. They see the powerful impact Special Olympics has on the lives of athletes and their communities, and they have been an important part of our life-changing work for more than 15 years,” says SOBC President & CEO Dan Howe.

Newmont initially began their support for SOBC in 2005 by sponsoring the Final Fore Golf Tournament. They have continued their impactful involvement with the tournament for more than 18 years. Now titled the Special Olympics BC Classic, the fundraising golf tournament is one of Vancouver’s premier golf events and has raised more than $3.5 million to benefit SOBC. 

Many Newmont executives have contributed to the event’s success by serving on the organizing committee. Newmont continues to support this vital event to this day as a Silver Sponsor as well as providing day-of volunteer support.

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At the 2023 tournament, SOBC – Delta athlete Cory Duhaime and his father Michael Duhaime graciously shared their experience with Special Olympics. They are forever grateful for the power of SOBC programs.

“Special Olympics is such a big part of my life. It’s what I do," Cory said. "I enjoy being part of a team, where I am accepted for who I am, and I accept my teammates for who they are.”

“As a parent, all I really wish for is that my son be given an opportunity – an opportunity to be included, participate, learn, grow, and be successful. In other words, I wish for, and hope for an open door – Special Olympics is that open door. Thank you for opening that door to those treasures and keeping it open for us,” Michael said. “I feel lucky to be Cory’s dad.”

We are very grateful to Newmont for playing a vital role in Special Olympics BC’s growth and life-changing opportunities!

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