SOBC Sport and Fitness Skill Badge Program

SOBC Sport and Fitness Badge Program banner graphic showing four sample badges; blue, bronze, silver, and gold.

Special Olympics BC sport performance expert Jacques Thibault has partnered with SOBC coaches to create the all-new Special Olympics BC Sport and Fitness Skill Badge Program. This exciting new initiative offers athletes the tools to track their performance in sport-specific skills and challenge themselves as they progress.

With the help of SOBC coaches, Jacques Thibault identified 10 skills in each of our 18 sports that are important for success. Each skill has 10 levels, which athletes can progress through, earning a virtual badge for each level. Badges will be awarded starting at level seven. 

Find more resources on our Basic Sport Skills page here

If you would like to get involved, or have any questions, please contact your Community Development Coordinator, or SOBC Vice President, Sport, Lois McNary by email at or by phone at 604-737-3117.

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