SOBC Sport and Fitness Skill Badge Program

SOBC Sport and Fitness Badge Program banner graphic showing four sample badges; blue, bronze, silver, and gold.

Special Olympics BC sport performance expert Jacques Thibault partnered with SOBC coaches to create the Special Olympics BC Sport and Fitness Skill Badge Program! The program helps coaches give athletes the tools to track their performance in sport-specific skills, challenge themselves to progress, and master their sport through their success in the fundamental skills.

With the help of SOBC coaches, Jacques identified a set of core skills in each of our 18 sports that are important for success. In the badge program, each skill has levels that athletes can progress through, earning a sticker badge for each level gained in each skill. Progression goals are individualized, so each athlete can move at their own pace and feel they are making gains.

SOBC has printed booklets and stickers that coaches can use in their programs to give the athletes a hands-on way to record their progress. We also have virtual badges that coaches can email and print for athletes.

Find supplementary training resources on the Basic Sport Skills page

If you would like to get involved, or have any questions, please contact your Community Development Coordinator!


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