Basic Sport Skills

SOBC Basic Sport Skills all sports graphic

Through his work with Special Olympics BC and the Coach Development Workshops, sport performance expert Jacques Thibault has created a basic sport skills package for every SOBC sport. 

These packages identify the fundamental skills that an athlete should have to participate with confidence and ability in their chosen sport. By focusing on having great basic sport skills, any athlete in our program can achieve success as they will work at their own pace to gain skills and increase their physical literacy. With mastery of basic skills, athletes achieve:

  • the ability to stay involved in sports for the rest of their lives,
  • the capacity to increase their level of competition,
  • a heightened standard for performance in B.C., and 
  • the confidence and competence to participate in recreational and sport opportunities outside Special Olympics.

The packages are also valuable for coaches because they contain tips for coaching skill progression, assessment checklists, and lesson planning tools.

At the links below, you'll find the basic sport skill sheets for all sports, and video resources for select sports so far (more to come!).

All coaches and athletes can use these tools! 


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