Performance Program

In 2019, the Performance Program became the Coach Development Workshops. Please click here for all current information and updates.

The Performance Program is a long-term plan for enhancing the skills and performance of coaches and through them, all of the athletes of Special Olympics BC.

The program is not just for elite athletes - it's for coaches who are open to new training techniques, and athletes who are committed to training. Participating coaches and athletes take the skills they learn back to their local programs to benefit all athletes, not just a few. The goal is to elevate everyone’s level of sport and performance. By being part of the Performance Program, coaches are asked to take what they learn back to their community and share their new knowledge with other coaches and athletes. We expect that people share the information to make the whole community’s program stronger. 

We believe that by giving coaches better resources and tools, they can then train athletes better, who in turn raise the level of competition making everyone’s performance level rise. 

In addition to connecting coaches with their SOBC peers and other sport and training experts, the Performance Program teaches valuable new techniques to athletes and coaches alike. It pushes the boundary of what we think is possible for training.


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Program components

  1. By-invitation camps bringing together coaches and athletes from all over the province with sport-specific experts to learn new drills and teaching techniques and gain experience. Also includes sport-science experts speaking on health, nutrition, strength and conditioning, mental training, and more. Athletes invited to participate are from a range of levels, not just elite athletes.
  2. Functional testing that provides direct feedback on where the athletes are at in their fitness and how they can improve, helping motivate and guide athletes in their training and track progress.
  3. Coach-only camps/summits coaches come together to learn from experts, share their learning with others and collaborate on ideas.


The work of experts and SOBC coaches and athletes involved in the Performance Program generates great resources that we are able to share online to benefit all, including video footage of skill demonstrations and training techniques. We upload these resources into the sport-specific coach resource areas as they are created - check back for updates as there are more to come!

Invitations to Performance Camps

SOBC extends invitations to coaches and athletes to participate in the program. There is limited space and funds but the intention is to involve as many motivated coaches and athletes as possible. Costs for participation are covered by SOBC.

How to submit a recommendation

SOBC Local Coordinators are asked to send recommendations and share a short paragraph as to why the candidate should be invited and for what sport. Looking at coaches that would most benefit from the program, we would take the following into consideration:

  1. Being open to new methods of coaching and committed to coach development
  2. Committed to sharing the knowledge and learning gained with other coaches within their program / Local
  3. Interested in incorporating technology into their training
  4. Demonstrates commitment to coaching within sport ideally through the next competition cycle

Beyond skill development, the camps connect coaches with other coaches from across the province that are also motivated and committed to coach development. The opportunities to share ideas and best practices continue well after coaches leave a camp.

For more information

Please contact Helen Cheung, SOBC Performance Program Coordinator
Tel 604-737-3055