NCCP Special Olympics Canada Introduction to Competition Workshop

The NCCP Special Olympics Canada Introduction to Competition Workshop helps equip coaches to empower athletes with intellectual disabilities. Topics in this workshop cover associated disabilities, basic delivery of sport skills, sport-specific and competition-based fitness, competition, and safety.

All coaches are required to complete this workshop within their first year of coaching Special Olympics, except for Active Start and FUNdamentals coaches.

Course details

  • One weekend (Sat & Sun) ~16 hours
  • Course fee⁺: $65

⁺ Course fees for required courses may be sponsored by the local community.

Other names referring to this workshop

  • “NCCP-Special Olympics Canada Introduction to Competition Sport Workshop”
  • “Special Olympics Competition Coach”
  • “SOC Intro to Competition Sport Workshop"
  • “Special Olympics Competition Sport Workshop”
  • “Competition Sport Workshop” or “CSW”
  • This course is specific to coaches of athletes with intellectual disabilities. It is organized and offered by Special Olympics British Columbia.

Upcoming Courses

Check for upcoming workshops via:

  1. Special Olympics BC event calendar (filter event type by "Coach Education")
  2. SOBC Provincial Office email: Madeleine Antwi (P: 604.785.9038)
  3. Your Local Coordinator


Note to Local Committees

Locals can apply for a coaching grant with Special Olympics BC for all relevant coaching courses, except the Special Olympics Competition Sport Workshop, Making Ethical Decisions workshop, and first aid-related courses. Contact Madeleine Antwi for more information.


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