Meet Arianna Phillips, 2021 Sobeys Campaign Star

Arianna Phillips with her Special Olympics World Games medals

What sports do you participate in? 

Athletics, figure skating, swimming, and basketball.

What is your favourite thing about Special Olympics? 

I get to meet new people.

What are your greatest accomplishments competing in Special Olympics? 

Going to the World Games to Abu Dhabi and getting personal bests in all of my events.  

How has Special Olympics changed your life? 

It has let me compete in sports with the support I need to succeed to the best of my ability.  

Have you participated in Special Olympics Healthy Athletes programs?

Yes, it has helped me find areas in my life where I can I make my healthier choices.

What have you been doing to stay healthy and active at home during the pandemic?

I’ve been going for walks, playing ball, and playing with my siblings. I was able to participate in athletics in person [during] Special Olympics BC’s return to sports.  

What is your favourite memory with Special Olympics?

Getting a new personal best in high jump at the 2019 World Games. I had already won a gold medal and then wanted to go further and get a personal best. I had already had two failed attempts and was on my final attempt for a new personal best. When I jumped and passed the bar, I quickly got off the mat and collapsed to the ground with tears because I was so happy.

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Why should people donate to support Special Olympics programs and athletes?

It gives athletes a chance to do their best at each person's level.  

What are you most looking forward to when returning to your regular Special Olympics programming?

The training and competing. I miss being able to travel and meet new athletes, coaches, and volunteers all involved in Special Olympics.

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