Get Moving: Outside

Ideas for outdoor physical activities, practices, and workouts

Check out this list for all sorts of different ways you can earn points towards your Region’s total, while being active outdoors! 

1.    Attend any one of your SOBC virtual/indoor/outdoor practices – this includes sport programs, Virtual FFF, Club Fit, Music Movers, yoga, virtual programs, dryland, etc. (Make sure to write down in your calendar what you attended!) 

2.    Go out for a walk (25 mins = 5 pts)

3.    Go out for a run (25 mins = 5 pts)

4.     Go for a bike ride (20 - 30 mins minimum)

5.    Go outside (try your backyard!) or stay inside and practice your favourite sport – check out the basic skills page on SOBC website for some drill ideas! (25 mins = 5 pts)

6.    Go outside (or stay at home) and find a set of stairs. Walk, or run, up and down the stairs for 25 minutes = 5 pts

7.    Wild Card! Any physical activity completed for a minimum of 25 minutes = 5 pts

8.    Go for a hike! (25 minutes = 5 pts)

9.    Go rollerblading (25 minutes = 5 pts)

10.    Go paddleboarding (25 minutes = 5 pts)

11.    Play soccer or basketball or baseball (25 minutes = 5 pts)

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