Meet the Coaches, Mission Staff, and Leadership Team of the Special Olympics Team Canada Training Squad 2023


We are thrilled to congratulate the 48 Coaches and Mission Staff from across the country who have been named to the Special Olympics Team Canada Training Squad

These individuals will represent Canada at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Berlin from June 17-25, 2023, supporting qualifying athletes from all 12 Provincial/Territorial Chapters across Canada.

The Special Olympics Team Canada Training Squad will be led by two volunteers: Chef de Mission, Susan Lamboo and Assistant Chef de Mission, Jodi Flanagan.

Both Lamboo and Flanagan have been volunteers for over 30 years with Special Olympics, running programs in Manitoba and Alberta and contributing to coach development nationally.

“I am so proud to have this group of talented, dedicated individuals serving as the Coaches and Mission Staff for the Special Olympics Team Canada Training Squad 2023,” says Chef Lamboo. “It’s been a difficult past few years for Special Olympics communities across Canada and I want this team to be the flame that re-ignites the movement. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and commitment to prepare for our return to the world stage, but my hope for this team is that they will inspire athletes, coaches and volunteers across the country to remember it’s worth it – and we all have it in us.”

As the National Team Program prepares for the Special Olympics World Games, community programs across Canada have also begun to reopen – and are in critical need of volunteers.

“As coaches, we are facilitators of potential. With access to training and support, the sky is the limit for our athletes,” says Assistant Chef Flanagan. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see them achieve new heights, and you never know where they’ll take you! We are very grateful for Special Olympics Canada’s confidence in us to lead the Special Olympics Team Canada Training Squad to World Games.”

As well as the 40 Coaches and Mission Staff, Special Olympics Canada will name 89 athletes to the Team in October of 2022.

Please join us in congratulating our esteemed team of Coaches and Mission Staff of the Special Olympics Team Canada Training Squad 2023!



Susan Lamboo, Chef de Mission - Manitoba

Jodi Flanagan, Assistant Chef de Mission -  Alberta

Kirsten Bobbie, Team Manager - Ontario

Sarah Sin-Chan, Team Manager - Ontario

Kendra Isaak, Team Manager - Ontario

Allie Wiebe, Communications Liaison - Ontario

Michael Obendoerfer, Communications Liaison - British Columbia

Neil Cheeseman, Team Doctor - Newfoundland and Labrador 

Marion Cornish, Team Doctor - Nova Scotia 

Natascha Wesch, Mental Performance Lead - Ontario




Marie Powell, Head Coach - Alberta

Rosie Ryan, Assistant Coach - Newfoundland and Labrador

Peter De Marchi, Assistant Coach - British Columbia

Renée Stewart, Assistant Coach - Ontario

Tom Norton, Alternate Coach - British Columbia 

Erin Harper, Additional Staff - Manitoba

Darren Inouye, Mission Staff - British Columbia

Helen Johnston, Mission Staff Alternate, Ontario


James Richardson, Head Coach Men's Team - Ontario

Megan Penno, Head Coach Women's Team - Saskatchewan

Doug Branscombe, Assistant Coach Men's Team - Nova Scotia

Ben Lozinsky, Assistant Coach Women's Team - Saskatchewan

Breanne Nichol, Alternate Coach Men's Basketball Team - Manitoba

Darren Hemeryck, Mission Staff Men's Basketball - Manitoba 

Tina Copp, Mission Staff Women's Basketball Team -  Alberta


David Wilkinson, Head Coach - British Columbia 

Karen Hurley, Mission Staff -  Alberta


Serge Gagnon, Head Coach - Quebec

Patricia Enns, Assistant Coach - Alberta

Eric Dunn, Mission Staff - Quebec


Glenn Cundari, Head Coach - Ontario 

Craig Faulkner, Alternate Coach - Nova Scotia


Jeff Butt, Head Coach - Newfoundland and Labrador

Jacqueline Mazur, Assistant Coach - Manitoba 

George Maclagan, Alternate Coach - British Columbia 

Duane Carson, Mission Staff - Ontario


Jennifer Fyfe, Head Coach - British Columbia

Sheri Scott, Alternate Coach - Nova Scotia 

Elaine Willcock, Mission Staff - Ontario


Amanda Trenchard, Head Coach - Alberta

Steve Dreger, Assistant Coach - Manitoba

Michelle Cruickshank, Mission Staff -  British Columbia 


Jackie Powell, Head Coach - Saskatchewan

Evan Krofchick, Assistant Coach - Ontario

Maura Hunter, Alternate Coach - Nova Scotia 

Mike McCarther, Mission Staff - Nova Scotia