Tips for recording your Plunge

Polar Plunge for SOBC


If you got bold and cold, but don’t have a video or photo to prove it – did it really even happen?

Our tips can help you produce the perfect video or photo for the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics BC presented by Prospera Credit Union.

Find out how to share your Plunge on social media so that you are eligible to win awesome prizes!

Capturing your Plunge:

  • Use landscape orientation (hold your phone sideways).
  • Make sure you have enough light! Shooting outside during daylight hours is a great way to go. You can still capture great photos and videos indoors, you just may need to pick a place where you can get enough light, such as in a well-lit room or by a window. Try to avoid having bright windows or lights behind you, as they could affect your exposure.
  • When shooting video, speak loudly and clearly. Avoid standing too far from the camera, since the microphone may have trouble picking you up.
  • Avoid windy areas, since it can affect audio quality.
  • Keep the camera as steady as possible when recording. You could use a tripod, have someone in your household do the filming, or lean your phone on a shelf or table.