Tips for Plunging at home

Polar Plunge for SOBC

There are so many ways to get bold and cold with the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics BC!

Planning the perfect Plunge is half the fun, but if all the possibilities are giving you brain freeze – feel free to try one of our suggestions below. You can also see our tips for recording your Plunge.   

  • Spray yourselves with a hose
  • Run through a sprinkler
  • Jump into a kiddie pool 
  • Dump a bucket of icy water on yourself
  • Take a chilly bath (don’t forget the ice cubes!)
  • Get hit by a water balloon
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Step into a cold shower
  • Make a snow angel 
  • Take part in water gun battle
  • Hug a snowman

Want to see how it's done? Check out highlights from the 2023 Polar Plunge for Special Olympics BC!

Safety is an essential part of the Polar Plunge for SOBC:

  • Do not do anything that could cause physical harm to yourself or others.
  • Don’t Plunge alone – ask a friend or family member to be with you when you Plunge. They can also help film!
  • Assess the risk of your chosen Plunge location and make sure it is safe to Plunge there.
  • Adhere to provincial health guidelines.
  • Do not stay in the cold for too long, and have warm clothes and a dry towel ready for after your Plunge.


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