What is my Role as a Family Member / Supporter?

Welcome to the Special Olympics family!
Athlete with Family, Awards

Family members and caregivers are the #1 fans of our Special Olympics athletes. Families and caregivers, along with those who are part of an athlete's support system, give the type of love, support and encouragement that no one else can. Special Olympics brings families together in a caring, positive way -- and that makes the cheers for our athletes even louder.

Many family members become very involved within our movement, becoming spokespeople, volunteers, coaches, and fund-raisers – giving them an important voice in Special Olympics.

Families are also an essential link to the community and wider support for our movement. By joining our network of supporters, Special Olympics family members can really make a difference.  For every family member who gets involved, Special Olympics has a reason to celebrate.

The Special Olympics movement would not be complete without our athlete's families and communities - thank you!

If you are a family member or supporter of someone who would like to become a Special Olympics athlete, please visit our Athlete and Family Resources page.