Meet donor Marc St. Amand

Marc and Katherine selfie

Special Olympics has been a part of Marc St. Amand’s life for many years, from coaching swimming athletes in Saskatchewan to watching his daughter reach the podium at competitions! Today, his family is very involved in the movement, and St. Amand generously contributes to SOBC as a monthly donor.

How did you hear about Special Olympics BC and why did you decide to donate?
I worked with Special Olympics since my 20's. A very close friend dragged my wife and I out to be swimming coaches back in Saskatchewan. We were hooked and have been involved ever since then.  

What does Special Olympics BC mean to you and why do you feel it is important for you to donate?
When we had Katherine, we were so lucky to know about Special Olympics, so we got her involved as soon as she could participate. It has helped her development so much and we are grateful for all that Special Olympics has helped us with – friends, community, and resource recommendations.

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That is a big enough reason, but I can go back to how I was able to secure my first real career job post-university when the interviewer asked me about my work with Special Olympics. I shared with him my experience of the athletes I had worked with and the sacrifice we had to make of not going out on Friday nights when I was in university, because swim training was scheduled for 6 a.m. the next day, and that was the only pool time the program could afford. Little did I know he was the uncle to the athlete I was coaching. I think that him knowing the commitment and experience I shared with Special Olympics got me that first job.

Special Olympics BC is deeply grateful to Marc and all the donors who generously give to create opportunities and inclusion for athletes with intellectual disabilities across the province!

There are many ways to give with Special Olympics BC. Your generous support will enrich the lives of athletes with intellectual disabilities and support life-changing year-round programs in 55 communities throughout the province.

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