SOBC - Terrace athletes posing in front of a pickup truck with bags of recycled bottles in the background
SOBC – Terrace athletes taking part in a bottle drive as part of their annual fundraising efforts.

Special Olympics BC – Terrace is always welcoming athletes and volunteers to get involved in our joyful community!

Please click the button below to learn about the strong safety protocols in our programs, and complete your registration forms.

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Once you've completed your registration forms, please submit to Alex at terrace@specialolympics.bc.ca.

Volunteers can search available opportunities in our community using this form!

Sports will be starting the first week of October! This season's sports are basketball, curling, and bowling! Looking forward to seeing everyone.

After you submit your form, Special Olympics will contact you to confirm your registration and local details. Thank you for joining our joyful community!


About SOBC – Terrace

Special Olympics BC – Terrace is home to 72 athletes who participate in eight sport programs: 5-pin bowling, basketball, bocce, curling, soccer, swimming, Club Fit and track and field.

SOBC – Terrace is currently looking for volunteers to help ensure the success of their local programs. We welcome volunteers to help with weekly coaching, fundraising, events, and many other roles!

If you are interested in participating as an athlete or volunteering, please contact us!


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Alexander Blum-Walker
Local Coordinator


Jasmine Webster
SOBC Community Development Coordinator, Regions 7 & 8