Ridge Meadows

SOBC - Ridge Meadows bocce players showing their ribbons in group photo
SOBC – Ridge Meadows bocce players at the indoor bocce competition in 2017.

Special Olympics BC – Ridge Meadows is always welcoming athletes and volunteers to get involved in our joyful community!

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ATHLETES SOBC - Ridge Meadows Registration night is yet to be determined for the upcoming sport year - You can pre-fill your registration form by clicking the button below and bring it with your payment.

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Please note that our community might not currently offer all of the sports listed on the registration form. After you submit your form, Special Olympics will contact you to confirm your registration and local details. Thank you for joining our joyful community!

About SOBC – Ridge Meadows

Special Olympics BC – Ridge Meadows is home to 133 athletes and 50 volunteers. This Local offers 11 sports, including 5-pin bowling, 10-pin bowling, swimming, floor hockey, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer, athletics, and bocce, as well as the youth program Active Start/FUNdamentals for ages two to 11..

This Local is looking for enthusiastic volunteers for the Active Start/FUNdamentals youth program and any other sport-specific programming.  If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer, please contact Susan St Amand. 

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Susan St Amand
Local & Volunteer Coordinator
Tel 403-861-4221

Melainie Hatt
SOBC Program Manager
Cell 250-919-0757
Email mhatt@specialolympics.bc.ca