Virtual Summer Series



Three months of biking, running, and walking along with folks from across the province, country, and world has officially come to a close, and it was a huge success thanks to all of you! 

In three months 117 participants accomplished the following:

  • 18,539 km biked
  • 5,841 km ran
  • 10,634,000 steps walked

And raised over $32,000 for Special Olympics Athletes around Alberta! What an incredible commitment to your goals, to physical fitness, and to connecting to our communities and our athletes. 

Thank you!



Congratulations to Margaret Shim - Ticket # 112377 for winning the VSS 50/50 and a total of $2,445!



Bike (June 15 to July 15)

Challenge distances include:

25Km, 50km, 100km, 250km, 500km, 1000km

Run (July 15 to August 15)

Challenge distances include:

25km, 50km, 100km, 250km, 500km

Walk (August 15 to September 15)

Challenge distances (in # of steps) include:

25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000

This three-part series has suggested time frames for each leg of the event, and we would like people to complete the events during the suggested 30 day time frames (bike from June 15-July 15, run from July 15-August 15, walk from August 15-September 15). That being said, distances will continue to be accumulated in our overall totals no matter when they are completed but will register on the progress reports once that leg officially starts.

Recording and Submitting Distances

You are invited to use any activity tracker that you are currently using. However, we have created a Strava Club that all participants are invited to join and use to record your activity for the Virtual Summer Series. A pdf that outlines how to download the app, how to sync it to your device, and more can be located in Resources below.

Alternatively, participants who do not have a smart phone or tracking device can submit their activity manually by uploading to this Google Form

Distances submitted for the running and walking legs of the series will be added to Special Olympics Walk The World With Me campaign. These distances will be added weekly under the LETR Virtual Summer Series Team.

Individuals that participate in all three events will be presented with a 2020 Virtual Summer Series medal.

VSS Walk


VSS Bike

Fundraising Incentives:

$125 – 2020 Event T-shirt

$500 – Bluetooth earbuds + 2020 Event T-shirt

$1000 – Running Jacket + Bluetooth earbuds + 2020 Event T-shirt

Microsoft has also been kind enough to donate an Xbox One X (1 TB) and a controller. Everyone who raised over $750 by September 15th will be entered into a draw to win!




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