Sport Advisory Committee

What we are:

The Sport Advisory Committee (SAC) represents the program expertise within Special Olympics Saskatchewan (SOS) and assists with the planning and development of sport, competition, and program development.SAC is a committee that consists of nine district representatives who are elected by the communities within their districts, as well one Sport Advisory Committee Chairperson, Athlete Representative, the Special Olympics Saskatchewan Director of Programs and CEO. Each district SAC representative is elected for a two-year term and individuals may serve up to five consecutive two-year terms.


What we do:

  • Review and make recommendations to the SOS Board of Directors on sport programs
  • Review and make recommendations on the  program component of the Strategic Plan
  • Manage the program policies within the policy manual
  • Oversee the development and implementation of new programs, initiatives, and a continuum of competitive opportunities
  • Liaise between the Communities and Districts with respect to the provincial level programming
  • Meet a minimum of twice a year
  • Enforce Special Olympics Saskatchewan Provincial  policies


Who we are: 

Chairperson - Jackie Powell |

Southeast District - Lynn Quist |

Regina District - Charlene McNeill |

Southwest District - Tiffany Powell

Parkland Valley District - Pamilla Schmuck |

Prairie Central District - Deb Stumborg |

Saskatoon District - Amy Spilchen 

Rivers West District - Stephen Neiszner |

Lakeland District - Darren Whitehead |

Northern District - Lindsay Randall |

SOS CEO - Faye Matt |

SOS Director of Programs - Ben Lozinsky |

Athlete Representative - Tyler Piercy-Servant

Athlete Representative - Vacant