Event Starts:
at 1:00PM
Event Ends:
at 1:00PM
Meadow Lanes – 112 1 st St. E.; Catholic Church Hall – 506 3 rd Ave. E.; Four Season Motel – 213 9 th St. NW
Meadow Lake
  • 5 Pin Bowling
  • Invitationals

Meadow Lake 5-Pin Bowling Invitational

Come on up to the Meadow Lake 5-Pin bowling tournament! With your invitation of course. This
is the first 5-pin bowling qualifier for the 2019 SOS Provincial Winter Games. The bowling action will take
place Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Saturday evening there will be a fun social event at the
Catholic Church hall.
Contact: Christine Beckett, 306-236- 2473, lthj-638@sasktel.net