Special Olympics PEI Volunteer Honoured at National Awards

Sue Skeffington, PK Subban, Enriching Lives Gala PEI

Sue Skeffington has been involved with Special Olympics for 12 years. During this time, Sue has contributed to the major successes of the PEI Special Olympics Festival as PEI's Celebrity Guest Recruiter. Sue has been directly responsible for recruiting exciting celebrity event for our Special Olympics Festivals, including PK Subban, Daryl Sutter, Brian Burke, and long time supporters Dion Phaneuf and Elisha Cuthbert. Sue has a natural ability to professional manage celebrity relationships.

2017 marked a historic year as we raised $187,000 for Special Olympics PEI, and Sue was in the center of it all. She has put many hours in to her role to ensure things run as smooth as possible. In addition, Sue has a great relationship with many of the athletes and is a huge supporter. She always has her athlete’s interests as her top priority and is passionate about ensuring their lives are enriched by her and the individuals she is working with.

In celebration of Sue Skeffington's contributions to the Special Olympics PEI, Sue has been awarded the Frank Selke Fundraising Volunteer of the Year award by Special Olympics Canada.

Frank Selke Fundraising Volunteer of the Year award is presented each year by Special Olympics Canada to a volunteer directly involved in the organization and execution of a provincial/territorial Special Olympics festival event. Winners are chosen based on their lifetime contributions to Special Olympics festivals in their chapter and their demonstration of leadership and integrity in organizing these events.