Thursday June 18th

Strength and Flexibility 

Make sure to make a Walk The World With Me account, and get lots of steps in everyday!

Let us know what type of workouts you love best and feel free to share your photos or videos of yourself doing this workout to our Facebook or Instagram page, or email it to Abby,, and we will post it. Good luck and have fun! 


Do the list 2 times to warm up: 

1. 10 giant steps or lunges on each leg 

2. 10 air squats

3. 10 high knees, jumping or stepping on each side


Arms: Use weights or find something around your house to lift (cans work great!) 

3 sets of 12: Reverse Flys 

3 sets of 12: Forward arm raises


3 sets of 10-30 seconds: Plank holds

3 sets of 12 : Shin touches

3 sets of 12: Hip bridges


Do the following list of stretches for 30 seconds on each side, and do the list 2 times: 

Seated rotation stretch 

Crossed leg hip stretch 

Shoulder rotation stretch