Saturday June 6th

Endurance & Balance 

Similar to last Saturday's workout it is a EMOM (every minute on the minute) 

Don't forget to share your photos or videos of yourself doing this workout to our Facebook or Instagram page, or email it to Abby,, and we will post it. Good luck and have fun! 

Warm up

In your drive way, at the park or on the sidewalk find a place you can do the following list three times: 

1. 20 steps of speed walking/jogging

2. 5 steps back quarter/half lunges

3. 10 steps back walking/jogging with arm swings


Endurance and Balance 

We are going to do another EMOM (every minute on the minute) that includes both endurance and balance. If you need instruction on EMOM's, please check last Saturday's workout. 

12 min EMOM: 

If the first round is too easy, push yourself and increase the amount of reps! 

Minute 1 & 7: 20-40 Quick Punches (10-20 on each side)

Minute 2 & 8 : 5-10 leg swings (2-5 on each side) 

Minute 3 & 9 : 30 seconds jog in place ( 30 seconds rest)


Minute 4 & 10: 20 seconds single leg stance right leg, 20 seconds left, 20 seconds rest


Minute 5 & 11: 15-20 Jumping Jacks

Minute 6 & 12: minute of rest

Hope you had a great workout! enjoy your weekend!