Saturday July 18th

Endurance & Balance 


Warm up 

Its a beautiful Saturday, try to get outside to complete your workout! 

10 Jumping/stepping jacks

20 arm circles

30 seconds stepping or running on the spot

20 bum kicks 

10 truck rotations 


Endurance & Balance

Get everything you need ready for a 10 minute EMOM workout! 

Min 1- 10 each side step ups with jump/regular step ups 

Min 2- 20-45 seconds jog in place 

Min 3- 10-20 mountain climbers (per side) 

Min 4- Rest 

Min 5- 20-45 seconds stand on one foot (right) 

Min 6- 5-15 side to side hops (each side) 

Min 7- Rest 

Min 8- 20-45 seconds stand on one foot (left) 

Min 9- 2-10 burpees/ variation would be to step instead of jump 

Min 10- 60 seconds jog in place!