Saturday April 18th

Endurance & Balance

Thanks to Fit 5 from Special Olympics Canada for the content on keeping athletes active while at home. 

Today's workout will be working on strength and flexibility! Feel free to share you photos or videos of yourself doing this workout to our Facebook or Instagram page, or email it to Abby,, and we will post it. Good luck and have fun! 


Repeat 3 times

  1. 20 seconds bum kicks 
  2. Rest 10 seconds 

Repeat 3 times

  1. 20 seconds arm circles
  2. Rest 10 seconds

Repeat 3 times

  1. 20 seconds running on the spot
  2. Rest 10 seconds


10 Forward Jacks, repeat 3 times

25 Quick Punches each arm, repeat 3 times 

20 mountain climbers each leg, repeat 3 times


20 hops side to side, repeat 3 times


20 steps walk on a line, repeat 3 times


30 seconds single leg stance, repeat 3 times

10 leg swings each leg, repeat 3 times 


Come back Tuesday for your next workout!