Walk The World With Me

Walk the World with ME

'Walk The World With Me' is a campaign organized by Special Olympics Canada to encourage all athletes, volunteers, and supporters across the country to get active by walking each day and submitting their distance. The overall goal is to virtually walk across the world! 

Special Olympics Northwest Territories is encouraging you to participate as an individual or a team


1. Click here to be directed to the website: https://walktheworldwithme.com

2. Enter as an individual (click 'create an individual page') or a team (click 'start a team') 

3. Verify your email

4. Fill out the campaign details. The walking goal: we are encouraging athletes to try getting 40 kilometres in a month! 

Submit your time 

Input the minutes after your walk, and this will be used to track how far you collectively walked.

1. Return back to the website homepage: https://walktheworldwithme.com

2. Entering as an individual (click ' add today's time to my page') or entering for a team (click 'add today's time to my team') 

3. Search for your name, or team name in the search bar

4. Click your profile (be sure it's your page) 

5. Add your time! 


No internet? No problem. 

Simply call 1-888-333-5515 ext.300 to submit your time. Just leave a message with your name or team name and how long you walked. 


Special Olympics NWT will be closely looking at our athletes, volunteers, and supporters and recognize the progress of those participating. 


Let's stay active together! Join Special Olympics athletes in a virtual walk around the world.