Requirements for Coaches and Volunteers

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Coach leading warm-up stretches in the snow.

SONL's training programs are designed to ensure that volunteers are able to meet the needs of any athlete involved in our organization with both confidence and skill.

There are two main coaching areas: (1) preparing athletes for Provincial, National and World Games, and (2) working with athletes at the community level to create healthy and active lifestyles. We provide coach education for both of these sporting areas.

To receive sport technical knowledge, a Special Olympics coach must also participate in the sport-specific workshop.  Special Olympics Canada does not run workshops pertaining to the technical aspects of Special Olympics sports. This is accomplished through our partnerships with national sport organizations (NSOs) and provincial/territorial sport organizations (P/TSOs).


REMINDER: The volunteer and Coach on-boarding process and Special Olympics requirements are outlined in our current policies.


Specific Training Requirements

SONL Coach & Volunteer On-Boarding Process



Timelines for this training are the same as listed above for our community club coaches & volunteers:

  • Special Olympics Canada Coaching Young Athletes Course 
  • NCCP Multi-Sport Fundamentals Movement Skills (FMS)
  • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions (MED) Evaluated
  • NCCP Safe Sport Training eLearning Module (Direct Athlete Contact)
  • SOC Volunteer Orientation eLearning Module


In addition to the above Coach requirements:

provincial team mission staff

In addition to the above Volunteer requirements to be eligible for a Mission Staff position on our Provincial Team volunteers must have the following;

  • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions (MED) Evaluated
  • NCCP Safe Sport Training eLearning Module (Direct Athlete Contact)


  • Special Olympics Canada's Core Training module for Facilitators
  • Safe Sport Training eLearning Module (Direct Athlete Contact)


safe sport training guide


SONL Safe Sport Training Guide Infographic

Note: If you hold multiple roles with Special Olympics NL and have any contact with athletes in one of those roles, please complete the Safe Sport training module Direct Athlete Contact.


Looking for more information and how to access training?

Additional information and resources for volunteers and coaches can be found on the Resources for Volunteers and Coaches page.

Please contact us today with any questions you have on your coach and volunteer education pathway!