SONL Coaches Corner

Coach and Volunteer Training Opportunities

Coronavirus Outbreak: What you need to know

As of the 2020-2021 season all coaches must complete Special Olympics International's e-course "Coronavirus Outbreak: What you need to know". 

1. Go to: 
2. Click "Register"
3. Select "Health" as learning area
4. Select "SO - North America" as Region
4. Select "Canada" as Program (Country/State)
5. Select "Other" as Area of Focus
6. Select "Other" as Role
7. Write "Special Olympics Volunteer" as Role-Other
8. New User Registration should appear. Follow directions by going to your email and click the provided link. 
9. Create your password and choose your image
10. Click "SO Learning Portal"
11. Select "Catalogue" on the top menu
12. Find Course "Coronavirus Outbreak: What you need to know" - click "play"
13. Click "Access" (top right hand corner)
14. Click the arrow (play)
15. Click Start Course
16. Follow directions to complete course
17. After completion of your course; click "Training History"
18. Find Course "Coronavirus Outbreak: What you need to know" and click "certificate" 
19. Follow the directions of your community club as to printing/emailing certificate and where to send it.

Volunteer Orientation

Special Olympics NL asks for all volunteers to complete Special Olympics Canada's Volunteer Orientation.

This online training is divided into four modules to help orient you as a volunteer for Special Olympics Canada.

Each module is designed to provide you with different information relating to the history and mission of Special Olympics, your role as a volunteer, risk management and safety considerations and an introduction to working with our athletes.

1. Go to: 
2. Register or Sign In
3. Go to "All Courses"
4. Select "Canada"
5. Select "Volunteer Training"
6. Select "Volunteer Orientation" 
7. Complete course. 
8. Click SOC Volunteer Orientation Certificate
9. Click red button "Get your certificate"
10. Follow the directions of your community club as to printing/emailing certificate and where to send it.

Coaching Association of Canada has a wealth of information on the website.  

Individuals can sign up for "The Locker" (top right hand corner) to access further e-courses.  

1. Login (or create a log-in)
2. Click "e-learning"
3. Click the drop-down menu to choose "Special Olympics"
4. There are 4 courses to take at your leisure 


Step 1: If you are already a member of the locker please enter you NCCP # or e-mail and password. If you have forgot your password, or never had one it can be retrieved or created instantly.
Step 2: Once you have successfully entered your username and password - click the "Calendar" tab in the top right corner of the web site. Once you are in the event calendar you can sort it accordingly to find the course you wish to attend. You can filter the calendar by sport and province.
Step 3: Once you have clicked on the event you wish to take, the details will come up on the right side - click on "Register for this event"
If you never taken an NCCP course in any course on the Locker home page click on the link that says "Don't have an account? Create one now!"
Once you have received your NCCP password for the Locker you will be able to register for a course by following steps 2 and 3.