Register with Special Olympics NL

Special Olympics NL has 14 community clubs throughout our province. Currently, Mount Pearl and CBS Brightstars are piloting Special Olympics Canada's Self-Registration system. All other community clubs will need to be contacted directly to receive registration forms and waivers. 

Special Olympics Canada Portal Registration 

Special Olympics Canada has developed a self-registration online portal that allows members to review and edit member information such as addresses, dietary and medical information, and sign up for programs.  Special Olympics NL currently does NOT accept payment through the online portal system. 

As the Portal is already connected to our database, there may be some hiccups when registering for the first time! Please reach out to our office - 709-738-1923 or email our office at for assistance if needed. 

There are 3 levels of registration
1. Portal Account Registration - this would be for you to log on to the web system and view or modify your family's profile(s) and add them to the sport. This is where you determine your role: Parent/Guardian, Athlete, Volunteer

2. Athlete/Volunteer Registration - this is to update a profile and sign the waivers; the "registration" portion to participation in Special Olympics

3. Sport Registration - this is where you add an "enrollment" to a profile for the sport(s) you would like to participate in. 

IMPORTANT INFO before you begin:

1. Legal Guardian; the legal guardian of the member should be signing up for the portal. You can do this through a variety of roles:
- athlete/participant
- volunteer
- parent/guardian
Choose the role that best describes the person logging into the portal. Volunteers who are ALSO the LEGAL GUARDIAN of a member can choose the "parent/guardian" option to register both themselves and their athlete. 

2. Each portal user (registrant) must have their OWN EMAIL address, which acts as their username 

3. Information you have previously provided to SONL has to match exactly what you enter to be found in the system. If you use a different name, email or birthday, the system will create a "NEW MEMBER."  This is not a problem, but the steps will look slightly different than outlined in a "RETURNING MEMBER" video/document, so follow along with the "NEW MEMBER" video/document instead!

TIP sheets and videos

Support videos and cheat sheets are being updated continuously.  Please use these resources to help you with online registration.


Parent/Guardian (profile not found)


Parent/Guardian (who is also a returning volunteer) - video coming soon


Returning Athlete



New Athlete 




Returning Volunteer


New Volunteer - video coming soon



Group Home Coordinator